About Us

CD Shadenets & Carports Pty Ltd is an independently run steel fabrication company.
Our main line of expertise is in constructing carports, shadenets, pergolas, industrial door repairs, installations and automation. We also manufacture burglar bars and doors, gas bottle cages, custom steel projects like washing lines and many other smaller projects.

Our products are top of the range quality and our shade cloths are SABS approved.
At CD Shadenets & Carports Pty Ltd our goal is to supply quality installations and service. We deliver and guarantee our workmanship.
Our clients are important to us and we make sure that the aftersales services are always on point

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a greater living environment for outside of your living area.
Together we advance the quality of life

Our Values

Honesty, Integrity and professionalism
Family, friendship and enjoying life.
Hard work, dedication and achievement

Our Objectives

To always achieve our client’s desired results
To provide outside insight and information
To keep searching for new and improved best practices

Our Goals

To honor all promises and commitments
To deliver results
To be welcomed back

CD Shadenets & Carports Pty Ltd is BEE compliant

Founder & Owner Hendrik Van Wyk

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